Terms of Service

Refund Policy

Our service is backed by a full money-back guarantee for court acceptance. After our fee is paid, our staff and resources immediately go to work for you. So please be absolutely certain that you want a divorce before purchasing our service. We do not provide refunds if the customer decides not to file their divorce papers, or if the other spouse refuses to sign the papers. Because filing requirements vary by state and county, it may be necessary for you to provide us with more information and there could be an additional cost associated with such requirements. In addition state and counties periodically update and change required documentation specific to their area and therefore it may be necessary for you to contact our service department in order for us to provide you the customer with necessary additional documents or more current divorce forms. If a customers divorce forms are rejected for filing we must be afforded an opportunity to provide updated forms before issuing a refund. In the event that a customers updated divorce forms are rejected for filing, the customer must obtain and provide us with a letter of rejection from the court clerk before we can issue a refund.

Timelines for Requesting a Refund

Customers who wait more than thirty days to file their completed divorce forms run the risk of having their forms rejected because they may become outdated. We guarantee that our forms will be acceptable for filing within thirty-days from the date of purchasing our service. Requests for a refund outside the thirty-day period will not be granted.

Delivery Times

Delivery times are based on customer volume and may vary. In the event that we cannot deliver a customer's completed divorce forms within three business days, the customer will receive an e-mail notice stating the reason for the delay and will include a new delivery date. If a customer submits an incomplete questionnaire or we need additional information to complete your divorce documentation, it will likely result in the customer receiving their documents outside three business days.

Revision Fees

Changes or corrections made to a customers divorce documents which are no fault of our service will require an additional payment of $60 for a revision fee. Changes or corrections made to a customer’s documents after a period of thirty days have elapsed from the date of purchase will require an additional payment of $60 for a revision fee and a $60 retrieval fee.

Filing Fees

Our service is for preparation of the customer's documents and does not include the filing fee for filing your divorce. If a customer is unemployed or on a fixed income they can request an application to waive the filing fee waiver from the court clerk.

Refund Policy for Publication Divorces

In the event a customer's publication divorce documents are rejected by the court the customer must provide proof that they attempted service at their spouse's last known address and obtain a letter of rejection from the court clerk and provide us a copy of both before a refund can be issued.

We provide you with unlimited customer support with a real person (though rarely needed). We promise to help you get your divorce finalized as promptly as possible without any hassles. Just take a look at our Testimonials page and see what some of our customers had to say about our service!


My name is Sharon and this services helped me with my divorce this service is excellent and he is very kind if you have questions he always answers it for you I would highly recommend everyone to use him.

- S.T.

Hi there , I just wanted to thank you so much for your help. My divorce went very easily and painlessly. It was very simple and not complicated at all. Done in a matter of days... Thank you so much

- D. H.