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Since 2012, Ready Divorce Service has been providing affordable and quality legal documents preparation for all 50 states. We are YOUR affordable solution to the high costs associated with attorneys.

Uncontested Divorces

We fully prepare all documents necessary to file and finalize your divorce. All you and your spouse have to do is sign the documents, and then file them at your local county courthouse. In most states, if your spouse will sign a waiver and consent to the divorce, you can file and finalize your divorce without your spouse having to appear in court. We make the process simple and affordable, so that you can file and finalize your own divorce, without having to pay expensive attorneys fees.

Publication Divorce (Missing Spouse)

Can't find your "hubby" or "missus?" Whether they skipped out of town with another man or woman, or were taken away by aliens, you do have the right in the US to divorce someone if the statutes of limitations are observed. For more information on whether or not you qualify for the Publication Divorce please call 1-800-503-5919

Establish/Modify Child Custody

In some cases it is necessary for parents that are not legally married to establish court ordered child custody in order to avoid conflicts, establish child support, as well as other parenting obligations. Establishing custody between couples that are not legally married will also prevent both parents from traveling outside the State of Georgia with out prior written consent of the other parent. If there is no child custody order in effect, there is nothing to prevent one parent from traveling out of state with the child(ren). This often results in long drawn-out legal battles which cost thousands of dollars in attorney fees. for more information please call 1-800-503-5919

Have a question about our service? CLICK HERE and we will respond within two-hours (usually a lot sooner) or for immediate assistance please call 1-800-503-5919

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My name is S. T. this service is excellent the people arevery kind if you have questions they always answers it for you I would highly recommend everyone to use them.

- S.T.

Hi there , I just wanted to thank you so much for your help. My divorce went very easily and painlessly. It was very simple and not complicated at all. Done in a matter of days... Thank you so much

- D. H.

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